About Us

KREST Solutions was created by our founder Elaine McCarthy (BFS, MBA) in 2002 in response to pull of clients and customers. KREST Solutions is the practical manifestation Elaine’s passion for business leader growth and business excellence, and her belief in the creative energy that drives and motivates businesses to achieve, transform and excel.

Since our creation, we have built up valuable network of collaborative relationships with businesses, business leaders, public organisations, consultants and thought leaders who share our common purpose, passion and ethos. With our clients we have mastered the iterative learning and adaptive nature of business strategy creation and execution - core leadership actions in advantage taking and sustaining market success.

Based on your needs, KREST builds the right team with the right skills to fulfil your business needs in a timely, cost competitive and value adding manner. When working with the KREST Solutions you will experience a team who share your vision, live our values and delivers value for you.