Team Learning & Innovation

KREST Solutions believes that the ability of your business to achieve real sustainable business performance is in the social capital and collaborative dynamic that exists within team and between interdependent teams in the business. Consequently, developing collaborative teamwork and cross functional teamwork that improves business performance is central to KREST Solutions’ approach to business improvement.

KREST Solutions can work with your teams at any stage in their development whether it’s an existing team, a new team or where your business is integrating teams. In the context of the business challenges facing your business and through a series of 1:1 and facilitated interventions we will:

  • Build trust within the team
  • Surface the conflict impacting the team’s performance
  • Discover what gives life and energy to the team
  • Achieve alignment towards a core team purpose, values, and strategy that is aligned and integrate with the organisation strategy
  • Build team commitment to performance standards and outcomes
  • Create purpose and goal focused team action plans that are aligned and integrated with the business strategy and where:
    • Cause-and-effect relationships between actions and desired outcomes are visible
    • Roles, responsibilities, accountabilities and performance indicators are defined.
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