Leader & Leadership Development

KREST Solutions’ approach to leader and leadership development is steeped in collaborative inquiry based action-learning. The sole purpose is to develop confident, purpose centred leaders with strong adaptive leadership capabilities generated and refined in the active pursuit of self-sustaining business initiatives, anchored in the strategic direction and operational realities of the business environment.

We work with your leaders in the context of the business challenges facing them at the time of our engagement. We support your leaders to develop their unique Personal Model of Professional Practice (PMPP). This model is anchored in the uniqueness of their authentic self; - their personal approaches, insights, creative ideas, beliefs, ambitions, capabilities and strengths. Our proven approach to your leader development includes:  

  1. Diagnostic assessment of existing strengths and areas for development
  2. Deployment of action learning dynamics to enable growth
  3. Leveraging learning and growth opportunities through challenging assignments embedded in the immediate workplace challenges
  4. Intensive coaching and mentoring
  5. Provision of bespoke conceptual and practical skills development

We recognise that every leader possesses unique personal and professional insights, drawn from diverse personal and social backgrounds, aspirations and value systems. This model is focused on developing the competence and capabilities that enable leaders to clarify their ambitions and pursue their potential. It enables leaders to develop self management, social and work facilitation capabilities that are necessary to enable them to pursue their ambition and achieve their true potential. For more information please contact us.